Mission and Vision

As cloud usage expands so rapidly, distributed enterprises and SMBs are moving critical business applications to the cloud more quickly than ever before. As a result, their focuses regarding IT infrastructures and IT services have changed tremendously. Instead of the manageability associated with the complexity and security of on-premises hardware and software, customers now prefer the simplicity of local network infrastructures, which may only be equipped with WiFi access. They prioritize the reliability and security of cloud-networking and cloud services above all, in order to guarantee the performance of their cloud-based business applications. This trend has also pushed MSPs to take a new approach to serve their customers.

Understanding that IT infrastructures and IT services are transitioning from a private LAN-centric model to a cloud-based open WAN-centric model in the age of cloud computing, Abloomy is committed to driving innovation to help customers keep up. Our innovative Smart-Edge architecture provides a one-stop solution for SMBs, distributed enterprises, and MSPs, helping them simplify their digital transformation via cloud adoption by automating cloud-networking and IT services. Our products and solutions cover several areas – cloud WiFi, SDWAN. This not only helps SMBs and distributed enterprises succeed in the cloud era, but also allows MSPs to harness the cloud’s ability to handle the complex cloud-based deployment and network dependencies of their customers’ business applications.

Our solution includes:

◇ Our 100% cloud-managed wired and wireless network solution meets SMBs’ simple local IT infrastructure requirements after critical business applications are moved to the cloud. It also makes HaaS (hardware as a service) feasible for small MSPs, as customers require all-inclusive cloud-managed services.
◇ Our cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution sets up application performance assured networks among the customer and the different clouds. This is the foundation for guaranteeing a good user experience with the cloud services.
◇ Data analytics and machine learning frameworks help customers keep up with the trend of IT automation, raising the accuracy and efficiency of IT services while reducing Opex and human error.
◇ Abloomy mobile apps enable customers to have the greatest range of mobile access to their cloud services.

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